First trip to Solomon Islands for Waste Pilot Project

With Caritas NZ Nufuels is funded by MFAT to undertake a pilot project to develop a small batch pyrolysis systems for the processing of waste plastics (and possibly waste tyres) into solid, liquid and gas fuels.  Leigh Ramsey and Gael Ferguson from Nufuels Ltd, assisted by Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand Project Manager, Marion Ferguson, visited the Solomon Islands between 14 and 28 May.  The team took a demonstration unit (a test rig) to show interested people and groups the process and first stage product (crude oil and gas) and various uses.

The crate with the test rig in arrives at Don Bosco RTC who provided a base for the development work and future fabrication of units.

The test rig being assembled.  It has a 30 litre capacity and has a simple condensor to produce a crude oil that is being displayed in the following photo.

And the incondensable gases can be used for cooking and heating water. 

As part of the visit the equipment was demonstrated to various interested people including the staff of the Honiara City Council.